Important to Know


  1. Minimum order

The minimum quantity accepted is 75 pcs.

  1. Size

Please see the pictures to know how the kippah is measured.

2.54 cm = 1 inch









  1. Panels option







The price is the same for 4 or 6 panels of kippot.

  1. Button option

We can add a button on top of the kippah with no extra charge.

  1. Rim/edge/piping option









We charge $0.2 if you want to add a different colour rim (edge, piping, trimming…). For combined color kippot, you can change any of them.

  1. Double stitching option:

double stitching








See the picture to know what double stitching means. It will be charged $0.2 each kippah. Please, write in “Remarks” which color you want for the stitching if adding.

  1. Lining color

Default color is white.

There is no extra charge if you select other colors of lining.


  1. Clips color









We provide free clips for the kippot.


  1. Seller’s tag

We will add small tag of on each kippot (inside).


  1. Printings/Personalization





After placing the order, we will send you a document with your text in several fonts to choose from.

Inside engraving/printing/personalization are free.

– When you order black lining kippot, you may select inside print on white or black label.

– Knitted kippot only can be printed inside on white/black label.

– Suede kippot only can be printed inside directly.

– If you want a font other than the models we provide, you can send it to us. Upload you own printings in jpg/png from art; make sure the picture is clear enough for printing, at least 300 dpi.

– We will center all printings and make the letters’ size fit to the kippot panel.

–Printing colors available: black, blue, chartreuse, crimson, dark grey, dark orange, deep pink, forest green, gold, olive green, silver, sky blue.


  1. Embroidery





Embroidery -initials or logo- will be charged $0.5 each embroidery. You may select standard initial embroidery or upload your own logo. We will send you fonts for the initial embroidery by e-mail.
If you upload your own initial layout or logo, please make it in jpg or png file, at least 300 dpi resolution. If you upload a colorful logo, you may describe color detail in the remarks box at bottom of ordering page. As to the size of embroidery logo/initials, unless specially requested, we will embroider the letters/logo size at our own discretion.


  1. Remarks

Please, fill this field with all the important information you think we should know.